Our business
model summary


To be the leading fashion lifestyle retailer in Africa whilst growing our international footprint by providing innovative products, creative customer experiences and by leveraging our portfolio of diverse brands to differentiate our offering.


We ensure that our key resources remain available and replenished to support sustainable business activities.

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  • Financial capital
  • Physical footprint and infrastructure
  • Intangible and intellectual resources
  • Human capital
  • Relationships and society
  • Natural resources


We offer a portfolio of 28 diverse retail brands through three business segments: TFG Africa, TFG London and TFG Australia. The brands in the portfolio cover a range of products that are designed, manufactured and procured in South Africa and abroad. Customers transact with us through physical and online platforms. The outcomes of our business activities include the internal and external consequences for our stakeholders and our resources, acknowledging that these can be positive or negative, and collectively result in the value that we create over time.

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Our core business activities focus on delivering quick-response and quality outputs, reducing manufacturing waste and implementing lean systems.

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Our outputs constitute the products and services that are shaped by customer requirements and brand offerings.

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Our OPERATING environment

Market conditions, macroeconomic factors and retail trends in the regions in which we operate create an environment for growth but also impact the degree to which we are able to create value.

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Our stakeholders participate in our shared value creation through a range of engagements and relationships.

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Our material risks and opportunities

Our material risks and opportunities constitute the key elements to monitor through our governance and management systems to ensure continued shared value creation:

  • Volatility of economic and political climate
  • Fashion trends and supply chain
  • Growth across our various markets and channels
  • Talent management: attracting, retaining and developing key talent
  • Reliance on information technology
  • Financial loss due to crime and shrinkage related losses
  • Exchange rate volatility
  • Complexity of the regulatory environment

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TFG’s ability to create value is based on the concept of shared value, which aims to address economic and social issues directly in the countries in which we operate. Shared value innovates across the value chain to increase productivity and create new markets or enabling environments. To qualify as shared value, initiatives must produce measurable results in both financial and social terms.

Our differentiating factors are set out in our strategic snapshot.


Our key resources, combined with our core business activities, are applied according to our four strategic pillars to deliver products, services and positive outcomes for our stakeholders.

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We prioritise some resources and outcomes in our strategic and tactical choices, resulting in trade-offs to enable value creation.

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